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Going Green is not just saving a tree, or helping endangered animal habitats. It is a lifestyle choice of every person to make a conscious decision of how they would like to live their lives. Every item we buy, sell, consume and even produce will impact the choices we make and inevitably impact our environment.

At EnviPlastics we see the importance of making recyclable materials that leave no harmful footprints in the ecosystem. Our green products are not just better for the environment or your peace of mind, but they are significantly better for your pocket book as well! With the amount of money you can save going green and the priceless cost of a cleaner planet for our children and our children's children...why wouldn't you go green?

Every single thing we do every day, good or bad, has an impact on the planet. As individuals we have the power to control most of the choices we make, therefore, the impact on the planet is in our hands. Do we want to use all of our natural resources and damage the ecosystem or do we want to save it for ourselves and generations to come? The choice is ours....let's make the right one.

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    Green Eco Friendly printable graphic materials

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    EnviPlastics is proud to lead the industry with its introduction of Eco friendly printable graphics materials.  Our newly designed EnviFlex and EnviFlexLit materials are PVC free, recyclable and have no out gassing (no aerosolic chemical release emission factor).  In its constant mission to reduce graphic substrate material waste the eco initiative will continue as EnviPlastics encourages the industry to change over their graphics materials to these recyclable materials.  With all the strength, flexibility and color imaging retention factors, exhibit and design companies will reduce their one time use waste drastically with these precedent setting products.

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    Fire Retardant, Recyclable, and Green

    All of EnviPlastics' products are designed to be recyclable, fire retardant, light weight, eco-friendly, and cost effective to our competition. What we leave behind for the next generation is important to us. EnviPlastics is constantly working towards leaving cleaner footprints on our wonderful planet.

    EnviFlex - printable, non PVC plastic alternative to fabric.
    TableFlex - non PVC table top plastic perfect for folding tables.
    EnviFlexLit - printable, non PVC plastic back lit alternative.
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