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Exhibitor Live 2015

Enviplastics launches new product "EnviFlex" at the Exhibitor Live 2015. EnviFlex is a non PVC plastic that is an alternative for Tension Fabric! It is a fire retardant, recyclable, printable, flexible, and cost upwards to 75% less than fabric! EnviFlex also has the capability of being back lit. Exhibitor Live 2o15 was a perfect showcase for…
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EnviFlex Passes Testing

EnviPlastics latest product, EnviFlex, has pasted UV large format printing tests with flying colors.  Before being print on, EnviFlex was also submitted to extreme hot and cold conditions to look for loss of elasticity, durability or any other quality breakdowns. After none of these issues surfaced, it was sent to color testing. EnviFlex Corona treatment was able to hold…
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EnviFlexiLit is a back light-able version of our standard EnviFlex. Both are made from non PVC materials such as Polypropylene and Polyethylene which leaves 0% gassing in our environment, can be UV printed and are recyclable. EnviFlexLit if fire retardant so you wont have to worry about heat when back lighting.
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EnviPlastics has designed a replacement non PVC table top plastic called TableFlex as an alternative to standard plastic coverings. The TableFlex comes in true white colors and has 33% more per roll of material than standard PVC based coverings. If you would like to get a sample of our table top plastic TableFlex, please click here.
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