Better for Us All!

EnviPlastics' materials used on all of their products are not only Eco-Friendly but also lighter in weight then their competitors and at a cheaper price!

Here is our standard spec information on EnviFlex and EnviFlexLit:

  • Bright White Color Rolls - Standard PVC plastics come in a dingy white or yellow color because chemical mixes are never 100% the same every time.
  • Matte Finish - Matte white allows the best quality of print for any large format UV printer.
  • California Fire Marshall Approved - One of the most standard and reorganized fire approvals throughout the U.S.
  • Most Readily Recyclable - Plastic an be taken direct to recycling without having to go through standard processing.
  • Breaks Down into Harmless Chemicals - Being non PVC allows no out gassing in our ground or air.
  • More Feet Per Roll - Up to 33% More Per S/F. allows printers to have more material at less of a cost.
  • Takes Up Less Storage Space - More material in a smaller roll takes up less space and weight when being shipped and stored.


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