Green Products

Green Products


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EnviFlex is the low cost plastic alternative to expensive tension fabric.  With its Vivid color reproduction and uniformity in all its properties, EnviFlex is a superior substrate for large format UV printing.  Enviflex allows Graphics to be bolder, clearer and strikingly beautiful compared to porous stretch fabrics.  Its flexibility and multi faceted uses with modular displays of all types and hanging signs are ground breaking.



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EnviFlexiLit is a back light-able version of our standard EnviFlex. Both are made from non PVC materials such as Polypropylene and Polyethylene which leaves 0% gassing in our environment, can be UV printed and are recyclable. EnviFlexLit is fire retardant so you won't have to worry about heat when back lighting.



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TableFlex is a table top non PVC covering. Our team of chemical engineers worked closely with convention industry leaders to meet all the criteria of the industry specifications for table top coverings, including flame retardant certifications.


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