EnviFlex is the low cost plastic alternative to expensive tension fabric.  With its Vivid color reproduction and uniformity in all its properties, EnviFlex is a superior substrate for large format UV printing.  EnviFlex allows Graphics to be bolder, clearer and strikingly beautiful compared to porous stretch fabrics.  Its flexibility and multi faceted uses with modular displays of all types and hanging signs are ground breaking.

EnviPlastic is proud to lead the industry with its implementation of Eco friendly plastics.   The revolutionary new material is PVC free, recyclable and has no out gassing chemical release emission factor.

The chemical engineers of EnviPlastics have  worked on Research & Development  for years to meet all the criteria of industry specifications, including flame retardant certifications while creating a recyclable plastic compound that is an economical best option.

Below are some benefits of EnviFlex:

  • Non PVC
  • No Out Gassing
  • Fire Retardant
  • Recyclable
  • Printable

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Typical Properties:

EnviFlex is 4 mil and is a light duty media used for large format and front lit graphics.

Test Method
Typical Value
ASTM D 1003
Gloss 45°
ASTM D 2457
Secant Modulus
ASTM D 882
11,000 MD 9,000 TD
Dart Impact F 50
ASTM D 1709 A
Coefficient of Friction
ASTM D 1894


Good faith estimates based on repeated testing. Not to be construed as specification limits. It's the users responsibility to determine suitability. No warranties are expressed or implied.


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